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WHN’s COVID Safer Provider Database

Welcome to the World Health Network’s (WHN) COVID Safer Provider Database, a tool to help people find healthcare providers implementing infection prevention practices to keep their patients safer from COVID and other airborne illnesses.

All users are welcome to use the database to (1) search for COVID safer healthcare providers in their area and (2) upload providers who they know are implementing infection prevention practices in their offices. The goal is to have as many providers uploaded as possible. Please contribute and share this tool. Every COVID safer provider added could save lives!

Please note: providers may change their infection prevention practices at any time after an entry is added to the database without WHN’s knowledge. We recommend contacting all providers before booking an appointment to verify and request specific protections and to ensure a provider is still practicing at the indicated location.

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WHN Provider Database
Dating wearing masks
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Date more safely

A dating site specifically tailored for people who still take Covid seriously.

We created this passion project of a web app to help folks find others who believe in keeping each other safe and forming Covid-safer connections, particularly romantic ones.


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Staying Open Starts with
Cleaner Air

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 happens mostly indoors and occurs largely via inhaled infectious aerosols that are more concentrated near their source and that can accumulate and linger in poorly ventilated indoor spaces1. It is estimated that the risk of transmission indoors is 20 times higher than outdoors. Fortunately, we know that we can go a long way towards recreating those outdoor conditions indoors by improving natural and mechanical ventilation to dilute infectious aerosols, and where necessary, air filtration or safe air disinfection to filter them out.

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Other Clean Air Projects

Clean Air Stars lists 15 different COVID-conscious projects from around the world. They include several on cleaning the air and lists of schools and businesses that have taken precautions to protect their customers and staff. If have a business in the UK or NZ you can sign up and  “Take the Pledge” to be listed as a COVID-safe site. 

There is also a site to facilitate COVID Meetups, a free service to find individuals, families and local businesses/services who take COVID precautions in your area.

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Clean Air Pledge

Are You Ready to Take the Clean Air Pledge?

Is your business committed to safe, healthy indoor air, with good ventilation, filtration, and CO2 monitoring? This pledge is for you! Sign up to be featured on our map and receive a badge for your website & store window.

We know many conscientious business owners have begun upgrading their ventilation and filtration for the safety of their customers, staff, and community—we want to make sure the public can find out who is taking these measures!

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COVID-Conscious Therapist Directory

We’re still in the midst of a global pandemic.

Your mental health provider shouldn’t tell you that continuing to take safety precautions to lower your risk of infection is irrational. Anxiety and increased stress are reasonable responses (among many others) to everything that has happened in the last three years — and everything that continues to unfold. This is a directory of mental health providers in the United States, Canada, and internationally who continue to take you and the impacts of COVID-19 seriously.

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COVID Safe Dentists

Directory of COVID safer Dental practices

Our mission is simple: helping patients find a Covid-safe dentist.

Accessing routine dental care shouldn’t require you to risk your health.  We’ve done the leg work to help you protect your smile without taking chances with Covid.

Recommendations on our lists are crowdsourced from COVID-conscious online communities. We don’t accept any form of payment for providing this information.

We look for dental offices with the following protocols:

  • N95-type masks worn by all dental and hygiene staff

  • HEPA filters in every treatment room

  • Separate, sealed treatment rooms

  • Virtual waiting room (text when you arrive)

  • Symptom screening before entry

Our ideal clinics would also use these enhanced safety measures:

  • Open windows

  • Negative rapid antigen test before entry

  • Upper room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) 

Before booking an appointment, it is important to confirm the safety protocols at each dental office. We cannot guarantee the clinics listed offer all these safety features. 

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