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Masking Risk of Transmission

AMA podcast: "Six things doctors wish patients knew about wearing masks."

Three key factors about masking

Special Communication | Infectious Diseases

Authors: Shama Cash-Goldwasser, MD, MPH; Arthur L. Reingold, MD; Stephen P. Luby, MD; Lisa A. Jackson, MD, MPH; Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH

Masks During Pandemics Caused by Respiratory Pathogens— Evidence and Implications for Action

Key Points
Question: During the COVID-19 pandemic, what has been learned about whether face mask use is associated with lower transmission of SARS-CoV-2in community settings, and how has it been learned?
Findings: Literature review revealed many high-quality observational studies demonstrating the association of facemask use in the community and of mask mandates with reduced spread of SARS-CoV-2. Randomized clinical trials conducted during the pandemic provide limited information.
Meaning: Robust available data support the use of face masks in community settings to reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and should inform future responses to epidemics and pandemics caused by respiratory viruses.

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N95 Fit Testing Training Video

The Difference Between Respirators and Surgical Masks

Masks Work

A collection of articles and videos about masking and exploring the disinformation and myths that surround them. This website was created by the Covid Safe Network to connect people to businesses and schools that value their health and safety.

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Masks Work

Masks Work. Distorting Science to Dispute the Evidence Doesn’t

Masks work. Especially respirator-style N95 masks.

Amid an ongoing pandemic and outbreaks of influenza and RSV caused by airborne viruses, arguing over the virus-blocking power of masks remains one of the COVID era’s signature follies.

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Effectiveness of N95 Mask in Preventing COVID-19 Transmission

Specifically, to this date, N-95 masks are considered to be the most efficient PPE, especially for individuals exposed to high risk, e.g., frontline health workers: an N95 mask has the capability of filtering more than 95% of the infectious elements 

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Request a Mask Donation from Project N95

If you’re unable to afford high-quality respiratory protection, Project N95 may be able to help. Part of our nonprofit mission is to provide equitable access to respiratory protection. We provide high-filtration masks to individuals in need every month to the extent allowed by our inventory. These donations come from our own supply and are funded by the generosity of our donors and purchases in the Project N95 shop.

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COVID-19 When You Exhale

Here’s how much coronavirus people infected with COVID-19 may exhale

Just breathing naturally, people can emit dozens of copies of viral RNA every minute.

The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads through the air. But just how much virus people breathe out over the course of infection isn’t well-defined.

To pin the numbers down, olfactory researcher Gregory Lane and colleagues analyzed over 300 breath samples from 43 people with COVID-19, following them for nearly three weeks. Levels varied between and within individuals, but some people shed a lot, releasing over 800 copies of viral RNA per minute at times.

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Donate a Mask Project Canada

Donate A Mask is a volunteer-run project that ships free N95 equivalent respirator masks to anyone in Canada who requests them. An initiative of registered charity Evidence-Based Social Enterprises Canada, our aim is to support those who are vulnerable and those who are unable to afford or access high-quality masks.

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Shared Air

If you could see it, would you breathe it?

Kids Mask For 12 & Under - A Primer for Parents in Under 20 Minutes

Aaron Collins (aka Mask Nerd) put together this excellent video on how and where to find quality masks for kids. Although the video was made in 2021, much of it should still be relevant. Be sure to check the parts about fit-testing masks. Be sure to checkout Aaron’s spreadsheet of test results for kids masks.

Masks Quality Ranking
Masks Quality Ranking
Face Masks Compared
Clean Air Crew

Fit Testing at Home Method

Some low-cost options to test your mask/respirator for a good fit. (This is different from the user seal check that you should do every time you put it on to ensure a good seal is formed with no gaps or leaks)

This site also contains a extensive collection of tips and tools for an airborne pandemic.

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Respirator User Guide: N95 3M Aura 9205 - Donning

This video demonstrates the correct sequence for donning a 3M Aura 9205 N95 respirator. Knowing the correct order for Donning (putting on) your N95 Disposable Filtering Facepiece Respirator is vital in the fight to stop the spread of infectious diseases transmitted via the airborne route.

3M Science

3M Respirator Testing: FAQ's

In the U.S., fit testing is a required component of any Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) written respiratory protection program in which workers are required to wear tight-fitting respirators. Qualitative fit testing is an acceptable method in many cases.

This document contains answers to many of the fit-testing questions we receive the most often.

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Choosing the Right Mask

Credit: Nicolas Smit 

Choosing the Right Mask
Scientific American

What Went Wrong with a Highly Publicized COVID Mask Analysis?

The COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, but in May officials (in the US) ended its designation as a public health emergency. So it’s now fair to ask if all our efforts to slow the spread of the disease—from masking to hand washing to working from home—were worth it. One group of scientists has seriously muddied the waters with a report that gave the false impression that masking didn’t help.

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